Infographic pixel design for Fefè #12 "I Hate You"

Fiercest local derbies divided by hatred: Same city but different soccer allegiance. The so called soccer derbies have always faced off fans who, though belonging to the same parish, are bitterly divided by their attachment to different mascots: that of their favorite team. This is so especially in the big metropolis, where under the same sky you will find more than one soccer team that competes in the same league.

Look at Rome, Italy's capital is divided into those who root rome or lazio, or the many souls that face each other in london, actually five: Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers. Recently CNN has published the list of the most contested top-ten derbies, those that have the highest probability of endangering public order. The list has some surprising entries, but mostly it confirms what was already known.

Art Director: Luigi Vernieri
Fefè #12

Cover Fefè #12: Ray Caesar